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AIR Technologies was started just before Christmas Day in December of 1976 by Mr. Charles L. Perry and Mr. William Bevers. It began much as it is today, an HVAC Service company focusing predominately on Commercial and Industrial HVAC Systems.  Back then it went by Perry
Air Conditioning Service Company.  This was later abbreviated to Perry Air Conditioning and then in an attempt to better define everything they do, changed to Perry Air Technologies. Several years later, to avoid some of the confusion with similarly named companies and as a result of a Customer poll that was performed, the name was again abbreviated to
AIR Technologies.

In 1994, Mr. Perry sold the company to Steve Gunter and moved to Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma. He still comes by to visit on occasion when he's in Oklahoma City.  In a recent letter discussing the sale, Mr. Perry states:

    "I had known Steve for some time before the sale of the Company. I felt like as well as anyone within the industry, he would not only be able to take care of both the Employees and Customers I had developed, but additionally he would be able to meet the financial obligations of the purchase. I, in fact, had other offers at the time for considerably more money and they were rejected.  Although the Company's name has now changed to better identify the mix of business they are pursuing and avoid some of the confusion with similarly named companies, it is gratifying to hear that with just a few exceptions, a great deal of those Customers I enjoyed serving are still with the Company."

Later that same year, Jeff Lipscomb joined the company as Vice President - Operations and has since become a part owner.

 Owned and Operated

While for many of the early years the company performed some residential work, they now concentrate entirely on those systems serving Commercial, Industrial and Governmental Customers.

Today and as always, "AIR Technologies strives to operate in a manner that places our company in the highest regard with our Customers and our Community. We want a company we can all be proud to say we work for comprised of people we can be proud to work with."

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